Past Conferences


Conference topic: Passions and Emotions

PANEL I: Passion And Impartiality: Passions And Emotions In Moral Judgment

Principal Paper (philosophy): “Constructive Sentimentalism: Legal and Political Implications”
Jesse Prinz, City University of New York Graduate Center
Commentator (law): Carol Sanger, Columbia University
Commentator (political science): Michael Frazer, Harvard University

PANEL II: Passion And Motivation: Passions And Emotions In Democratic Politics

Principal Paper (political science):  “Reason, Passion, and Democratic Politics: Old Conceptions - New Understandings – New Possibilities”
George Marcus, Williams College
Commentator (law): Susan Bandes, DePaul University
Commentator (philosophy): Cheshire Calhoun, Arizona State University

PANEL III: Passion And Dispassion: Passions And Emotions In Legal Interpretation

Principal paper (law): “The Anti-Empathic Turn”
Robin West, Georgetown University
Commentator (political science): Kenneth Kersch, Boston College
Commentator (philosophy): Benjamin Zipursky, Fordham University