Past Conferences

2016 Conference - Kansas City, March 1-2, 2017

Our 2016 conference took place in conjunction with the American Philosophical Association, Central Division, on March 1-2, 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri.  The theme was Political Legitimacy.  The details are below.

Panel I: Wednesday, March 1, 7-10pm

“Legitimacy and the International States-System.”
Presenter: Anna Stilz (Political Science, Princeton)

Ekow Yankah (Law, Cardozo)
Jonathan Quong (Philosophy, USC)

Panel II: Thursday, March 2, 9am-Noon

“The Public Reason Conception of Political Legitimacy: An Epistemological Defense”
Presenter: Fabienne Peter (Philosophy, Warwick)

Micah Schwartzman (Law, UVA)
Jennifer Rubenstein (Political Science, UVA)

Panel III: Thursday, March 2, 2:20-5:20pm

“Evaluating Consensual Models of Governance: Legitimacy-Based Law”
Presenter: Tom Tyler (Law, Yale)

Daniel Viehoff (Philosophy, NYU)
Jeffrey Lenowitz (Political Science, Brandeis)